Memorex CD/MP3 Boombox Review

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This can be carried around playing music like a traditional Boombox, plays MP3s directly from CD and can run on batteries. Besides being portable, it doesn’t rely on an iPod/MP3 player, making it ideal for parties and outdoor events, where someone could easily walk off with an iPod from a speaker docking station!

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Great review! It’s too bad that 1) it doesn’t display the track information 2) it doesn’t have a digital tuner 3) it has poor FM reception. Everything else sounds really good.

IMO, they should just jump into lithium ion battery packs or just utilize 8 cell aa’s as the alternative. Nobody really uses C/D cell batteries anymore. The primary reason was with the extra space, you could get 20-25% more capacity then AA batteries, but clearly you don’t need any extra power than 2500mah x 8. That’s 12v @ 20k amp hours. You could easily make a l-ion pack for $15-25 which would do the same work and recharge within 1-hour, which will be about the same cost of the batteries and the whole unit size could slim down a bit too-- at least one sq. inch thickness all around.