Memorex cakeboxes look Taiyo Yudenish now



Does anyone know the story with this? The Memorex cakeboxes have fat bottoms just like old TY ones have, but the packaging, etc. still says Taiwan so I won’t touch them. I remember one time I bought years ago a Memorex 10 pack and ran a scanner on the contents… 5 of the discs were from 5 different manufacturers.

Anyways, the first time I saw the cakebox I was like ‘gasp! tys!’… anyone else notice that too?


I noticed that too…not TY’s though.

It’s not like it’s confusing enough already… :confused:


You mean, like these? They are quite noticeably different.


Memorex has been using those cakeboxes for years, nothing new about them.


yep same crap in them: phillips :Z , cmc ect


I have had some very impressive CMC E01 lately.