Memorex Burner Problem

Greetings to you All,

Thanks to the Admin and Moderators of this wonderful forum for letting me join your community. I do appreciate it. :slight_smile: I just recently joined, so for all purposes, I am a newbie. This question/request/post should (according to my newbie knowledge) belong to this Optical Drives Forum (well, I am not sure about that, I am just guessing). But because I consider myself to be a newbie, and if I am not correct in my assumption, I am hoping a kind Moderator would move this post to the right forum. Thanks. :slight_smile: I also didnt want to post this in multiple forums, because that would be a violation of cross-posting rules, and thats sure is a strict no-no for a fresher.

I tried searching this forum (before and after registering) and numerous other sites using Google (like and and many others), but failed to find a solution to my problem. Maybe I dont possess the skill of effective search. :frowning: Anyway, here it goes…and hopefully, one of you nice knowledgeable persons can point me in the right direction. :bigsmile:

Last month I bought a Memorex External DVD Burner:

Model No. on the bottomside of the burner: Memorex 32023288
Model No. on the main topside of the retail box enclosing the burner: MRX-510LE
How Nero Info Tool recognizes this burner: DVD±RAM 510L v1
Firmware Version: MWS7
Firmware Date (I think): 3/22/06 (from Nero Info Tool)

Ok, so my request is, that I am not looking for hacked region-free firmware for this burner. I am not really interested in region-free, because I primarily live in the States, and hardly had so far the need to watch movies from other regions. My request is, how can I burn DVD+R DL discs as DVD-ROM by turning the BookType of DVD+R DL discs to DVD-ROM, using bitsetting.

So far by researching, I have found out, that Memorex packages other companies’ OEM drives (mostly LiteOn and NEC drives) and slap a Memorex Label on the outer casing of the drives they sell. But how can I find out which companies’ OEM drive it is, they have put inside the Memorex External Burner? LiteOn or NEC’s? Is there a tool on the market which can dig into the firmware data and find it out? I downloaded these tools: DVDInfoPro (trialware version), DISCInfo161, DriveInfo22 to find out if they can figure out which companies’ OEM drive is actually inside that burner, but all DISCInfo161, DriveInfo22 says that this drive is region locked. And DVDInfoPro gives a lot of info, and I am not sure what they are. But none of these tools can find out or recognize the OEM drive inside that burner. I am just wondering, what tool people use to figure out that info. Well, I am looking for that OEM drive info, which is actually inside the burner, because then…if it is a LiteOn, then i can use their LiteOn Bitsetting Booktype Tool … BookType135.exe … to change the BookType of DVD+R DL discs which I burn…to DVD-ROM, when burning. So the burnt DVD+R DL discs can be recognized by my 3 year old Panasonic DVD Player, when playing. Surprisingly, when the DVD+R DL discs are burned without changing the BookType to DVD-ROM (which is the case right now), they get recognized as DVD disc by a cheap $30 DVD Player I bought from Walmart recently, and they play it perfectly…without any hiccups. But my stupid, high end Panasonic DVD Player won’t play those DVD+R DL discs…and that’s the DVD Player with all advanced settings and makes the movie looks perfect on the big-screen. The $30 DVD Player doesn’t have all those advanced settings, even though it plays the burnt DVD+R DL discs perfectly.

By the way, just to clear the air, all these movies, which I am burning/backing-them-up, are all from my personally bought movie collection library. Previously, I backed all of them up to 2 DVD-R discs per movie, using DVDFabPlatinum…but I am irritated by having to constantly change the disc in the middle of the movie. Well, I could buy a multiple disc player, so I could change the discs just by using the DVD Player remote…but I haven’t got a multiple disc DVD player so far. So right now, since the price of DVD+R DL discs have considerably gone down in price, I am again making a true 1:1 backup copy of my movies using DVDFabPlatinum. Its much easier that way. :slight_smile: Also, my wife likes it this way too, instead of constantly having to change the disc every time hehe :wink:

Another information I’d like to request…that by researching this forum and other forums and other sites, I have to come to know about a thing called RipLock, which drive manufactures put on their drives, so the DVD discs couldn’t be ripped at 16x…but theoritically the DVD videos can be played back at 16x (atleast on a pc I think). So is there a solution out there to defeat this RipLock feature in my Memorex 510L v1 External DVD Burner? So when ripping the movie, the rips are faster…instead of 8x, which info I found out using DVD Decryptor. Well, actually…that’s really not a top priority of mine right now. I am more interested in finding out how to bitset the booktype of DVD+R DL discs to DVD-ROM, when burning…or if I can make a permanent change…so they always get burned as DVD-ROM.

Thanks to all and anybody in advance who can help me out. I’d surely appreciate it. :slight_smile:

@Admin and Moderators: If in my very first initial post, if you feel I am asking for too much information, and going overboard…please feel free to delete this post. I understand that you folks have a forum decorum to maintain, and most of you, administer this forum on a voluntary basis…on your free time, and I, including other people in this community, do appreciate that, and also I’d understand if you have to delete this post, if I am not properly following the rules of this forum. Also, feel free to edit this post for verbosity, if required. (lol yeah, I talk too much). Thanks once again for letting me post. :slight_smile:

1st…are you sure those discs are not bitset?..i.e…have you run them through cd-dvd speed or even dvd decrypter…u can see if it is w/ these apps

i looked and saw a Few similiar issues w/ that drive…some don’t know what is…if it’s a lite on its suppose to bitset right out of the box…for that matter…so is a newer nec…mine does…u can use dvd decrypter or imgburn to check the booktype or even set it also…very simple

that junk wally world player will play anything because its just basically a dvd-rom in a metal case…those players are standalone(panasonic,sony etc…) and have issues sometimes w/ booktyping and certain discs etc…panasonics are no different

notice the little book in the right hand corner(bottom)

with this shot u can see where it says the booktype in the right hand window

This drive appears to be a Lite-On 20a

Welcome to the forum and CDFreaks, The two question you have ask:

1)Bitsetting: First you have to find out if your drive has bit setting capability, if yes then download “Nero CDSpeed” install it have the DVD DL in your drive and go to option in CDSeed and set the “BookType” of your drive to DVD-ROM instead of DVD+R or DL and then burn a disc you should have the burnt disc recognized as DVD-ROM.

  1. RipLock is limitation that the drive manufacturer put on their drive spinning to limit the speed of reading means although your drive is DVD+/-R (16X) but read the Double Layer disc only up to 6X or 8X. Some members or others have been able to modified the manufacturer “Firmware” in such that release the Riplock from the drive then drive would be able to read the DL unto 16X

Hello TCAS, and Thanks for welcoming me.

Yes, I forgot to mention in my first post, that I did try Bitsetting the DVD+R DL discs (by the way, I am using Memorex DVD+R DL discs for burning) using Nero CD-DVD Speed Ver. 4.7, and it cannot do it. This is how it looks:

The Bitsetting Options are greyed out, so it cannot bitset it. Any other Bitsetting tool you know of, which can fix this problem? I know, that if I come to know which OEM DVD burner is inside that external burner, like LiteOn’s or Nec’s, then I probably could research and find that out. Like, if it is LiteOn’s, I could use LiteOn’s own Bitsetting tool…or the Omnipatcher mentioned in the Sony/LiteOn DVD Burners Optical Drives’ Forum. If its a NEC DVD OEM burner, then thats another story. Thanks, would appreciate any input.


If the bitsetting is gray out then chances that your drive is not booktype capable real. By the way the Memorex DL disc is the worse to be use for DL burning try to use Verbatim DL brand. Write the model number of your drive I will see if that is bitsetting capable.

read this thread

TCAS, Thanks again for replying.

Ok its a [B]Memorex External DVD Burner[/B]:

[B]Model No. on the bottomside of the burner[/B]: Memorex 32023288
[B]Model No. on the main topside of the retail box enclosing the burner[/B]: MRX-510LE
[B]How Nero Info Tool recognizes this burner[/B]: DVD±RAM 510L v1
[B]Firmware Version[/B]: MWS7
[B]Firmware Date[/B] (I think): 3/22/06 (from Nero Info Tool)

I would appreciate if you can find something out about bitsetting the burner :slight_smile:
A quick question, how do you insert images in your post? Because I tried to insert an image in my last post, and it didn’t quite work out. Also I cannot edit my posts. I guess that is allowed at a later point of time.

@ Nosmartz, Thanks for your help also. Appreciate it. How did you figure out that your Plextor Burner is actually a Lite-On 20a? Also, about the 2nd pic on your post (2nd ImgBurn Pic)…how were you able to do that? I mean, on my ImgBurn, I cannot load a drive as a source image file. I tried and tried.

Also @ Nosmartz, regarding your question 1st…are you sure those discs are not bitset?…forgive me, I didnt quite understood what you meant…and trust me, thats only because I am not knowledgeable enough to understand it…so please, no offense to you…but well, these are Memorex DVD+R DL discs burnt in Memorex DVD Burner, and they getting burned as same as +R DL discs, and my panasonic DVD player are not recognizing them as DVD-ROM discs, and not playing them (stupid player)…I mean, that is what I tried to mean. lol I hope I am not confusing you, because I am confused myself.

But Thanks to you Nosmartz, I found that Bitsetting thingy in ImgBurn, so when I burn the DVD+R DL discs, I can theoritically set it. But it asks which kind of Drive it is on Change Book Type, and my Memorex burner is not mentioned there, and I have no clue what drive to choose. Also, I mostly use DVDFabPlatinum for doing backups, so then if I can at all figure out how to bitset the discs using ImgBurn, then it’d be a 3-step process. Like ripping the movies with DVDFabPlatinum as images, and use ImgBurn to burn those images. Again, how did you figure out from your ImgBurn pic of Plextor Burner, that its a LiteOn? That gotta be pretty cool to figure something like that out. If mine’s a LiteOn too, then a lot of problems are solved. hehe


Thanks for the link, Nosmartz. Okay so, nobody has quite figured out yet what is the actual drive inside that stupid memorex box. I feel like returning it, but its past 30 days now :frowning: I called up Memorex technical support, and they won’t tell me the original drive manufacturer’s name either.

Thanks for your help.

lite-on 20a …read this part…shows its a lite-on 20a…where it says “Recorder” in the log file…unless this guy bought a different drive the next day

@Nosmartz, Yeah I see that too. But well, as you said, unless the guy bought a different burner the next day. Is there anyway to be sure, using a tool or something to figure out what drive is inside that memorex box, short of prying it open?

Ok I am going to rip a movie using dvdfab and save it as a image and burn the image using imgburn, and try changing the bitset to dvd-rom using the liteon tab on change booktype on imgburn…and see if it burns the dvd+r dl disc as dvd-rom, and plays on the panasonic player. Unless I try, I’ll never know. I’ll let you nice people know what happens later. Thanks again to Nosmartz and TCAS.


it’s definately not a lite on…shows he returned the memorex and ordered the lite on…i’ll keep looking to see what it could be…

if i had to guess it would be this …an Nec

Yeah, but mine’s is a Memorex 16x DVD±RAM 510L v1 External Burner, and the one showing at VideoHelp is a Memorex 16X-DDL-IN Internal burner.

The Burn Specs of my Memorex are:
16X DVD+/-R
8X DVD-R DL (says 6X on VideoHelp’s Memorex Burner Specs)


48X CD-R
24X CD-RW (says 32X on VideoHelp’s Memorex Burner Specs)

So, it can be that both of them are NEC drives inside, and Memorex is packaging them in Internal and External Burner format? Well, it could be. Thanks again, Dude :slight_smile: You sure have helped me out a ton!! Appreciate your efforts so far.

yeah the internal and external can be the same…only difference is the case

my guess it would be an updated NEC/Optiarc drive(NEC/Sony)I would try memorex and see if they respond w/ something…i can’t find a thing on this drive…kind of a mystery


could be an nec 3540 or 3550…i have a 3550…specs are quite similiar…maybe the 3540 matches perfect

Hi 6ixed. Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile: No problem sending me a PM to bring my attention to a thread or post. :wink:

One of the best indication of the drive type can be the burn curve itself. If you burn a disc at 8x or faster, using Nero CD/DVD Speed create data disc, and then post the burn scan here, it may give us a clue. :wink:

This thread may help as far as saving and posting the scan is concerned:

As requested, I’ve moved the thread to the Optical Drives forum. :wink:

ok i register just cause ive been in the same boat as you till today. i have the internal version. but nero info tool also recognized it as DVD±RAM 510L v1 and firmware MWS7. there was no void sticker on my case so i opened it to see what i could find.

got a big black chip that read
first line: MT1888E
Second line 0633-AOBL
third line DP2RW4

all atach the image for anyone who wants to see it.

anyway, after much frustration of finding nothing of this. i stated looking at reviews of lite on and sony drive where people had open the drive and took pics.

made an educated guess and flashed it to the “LITE-ON DVDRW SHM-165P6S”

you can get the firmware from liteon directly or

i used flash fix

make sure you get upx.exe and put it in the same folder.

when i ran flash fix i got an “file size was out of range error” but i just clicked ignore. after that. i flashed and rebooted(for good measure)
i could only test with some 8x media i had lying around today. ill include a pic anyway.

hope this help you out.
(edit retested with 16x media

Hi, sorry for bringing back an old thread but I just found it through google and am having the same problem. My question to kukujin is have you run into any problem after flashing it to lite on’s firmware? Or is it confirmed that it is a lite on drive?

Im note sure how one exactly confirms that its a lite-on drive. unless they open a lite on drive and see the circuit boards the same. but i havent had any issues yet. does anyone know how to test a dvd burner for it range of modes without going throu 50 blank dvds?

My Roxio’s DVDInfoPro appl let me change a DVD+R book type disc into a DVD-ROM, using a Memorex MRX-510LE external burner. The menu that appears mentions Lite-On and Sony burners.

What I would like to know is if a IEE1394a to IEEE1394 adapter is available. I want to connect this burner via firewire to my old (3 years) HP laptop, but the Firewire port on the PC is different (smaller) to the conector that comes with the cable provided with this DVD burner.