Memorex blu ray 4x 15pk $5.99 a/r (f/s?)

Most ethusiasts steer clear due to QC (and newegg reviews are mixed), but feel free at this price of under 50 cents each in such low quantity.

The last Memorex 4x discs I used survived for almost three years before becoming unreadable. If you just want a temporary backup, these might work for you, but that is not how I use BD-R discs. I have a few BD-RE for short term transfers.

IMO, a flash drive is much more cost effective & longer lasting than a BD-RE…
It remains to be seen how long my recorded BD-r’s will last… I think I have RiData discs and Optical Quantums going into year 2…

Perhaps if I added YMMV… that would explain much about Memorex. I used to like their cdrs & floppies. Once in a blue moon a PC accessory. I think 3M and generics were the best & cost effective going back to the days of floppy & data cartridges. Today generic bd-r’s are a crapshoot. You’re better off w/ a hard drive as redundancy.

I have to admit, I use the BD-RE discs less and less. Takes too much time to write to them. I use them now when I’m none too sure I’ve authored something correctly to AVCHD or blu ray format. Testing purposes primarily, in other words.

Do you happen to know the mid code on these Memorex 4x that are on sale? The ones I had were Ritek BR2-000. The one Ridata disc I had with the same mid code was still readable, but it was deteriorating and showed some slowdowns on a TRT scan.