Memorex Black CD-Rs

Ok, I am not sure where this post belongs, maybe its in the wrong forum. Has anybody tried those Memorex Black CD-Rs? Is there any benefit to using them?

Moved it to the CD-R(W) Media forum where it obviously belongs…

General consensus is that they will help increase your coaster collection.

But they will make your psx back-ups look more like the real thing (if they work that is and you’ll still need a mod chip). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve bought a 50 spool of the black 40X memorex made by Ritek they work perfect on my plextor 40/12/40A.:bigsmile:

Has anybody else tried these?:o

Memorex black are Ritek and very nice quality. They are also very balanced (very flat), according to a test made with a CD-CATS machine (very expensive device)… Read it in a computer-magazine somewhere…

Thanks for the good info Airhead:D

I’ve got a 25 spindle of the Black memorex, I’ve used about 5, they work great so far. No errors, etc.

Hey Baracus are they 40X by ritek?

Mine are actualy 16x, but they are Ritek, and they burn at 32x without errors.