Memorex black CD-R's

:confused:Hey I just got a 50x Memorex black CD-R’s from best buy to burn some music onto but my computer doesn’t even read the things. I got them in the right disc drive but my computer -insists- there is nothing in there. I’m a little flabbergasted being I just recently paid for this 1000$ plus computer which is dissapointingly vista but still veeeeeeeerry capable. Either way I can’t burn anything onto these … ghost discs as my computer is trying to get me to put 2 discs in the same drive or -somethin!- Any suggestions are welcome or advise, discluding using them to start a bonfire (Which already is quite tempting)


Discs with black substrates (plastic layer) or other oddly-colored discs will sometimes have recognition problems depending on the drive used. I have experienced this with certain LiteOn CD-RW drives, exhibiting the same symptoms as you have indicated. The same discs work on other drives though.

Try a different kind of “normal” or uncolored discs to isolate the problem to the discs. If “normal” discs are still undetected by your optical drive then there must be something wrong on the hardware side of things. But as of now all evidences point to the discs as being the culprit to your issue.

Well all other normal non- black memorex CD’s are functioning if that helps. I’ll worship anyone who comes up with a working solution besides getting new CD’s. :bow:

Your drive is a POS, most likely a LiteOn. From what I’ve read, modern LiteOns aren’t the best CD burners even at the best of times. I had the same problem with a Liteon/Optiarc.

My suggestion - if you don’t want to dump the discs, which I can understand - is to dump the drive and get an NEC/Optiarc, as these are the best all rounders. (By that I mean an Optiarc 7200, 7201, 7203, 7240, 7241 or 7243, as opposed to 7190 and 7220 range drives, which are LiteOn/Optiarcs).

What is your technical skill level in general? Do you understand various disk drive terminologies such as Serial ATA? Would you be comfortable changing your machines DVD drive?

[I][U][B]Edit[/B][/U][/I]: Although its possible that the discs are the problem, it looks to me like a classic crappy hardware issue.

To be sure though, can you give us the name and model of your CD/DVD and/or model and details of your machine?

[QUOTE=fyren338;2268419]Well all other normal non-black memorex CD’s are functioning if that helps. I’ll worship anyone who comes up with a working solution besides getting new CD’s. :bow:[/QUOTE]

There is no solution. This is a common problem. It has nothing to do with the drive or the fact that it is a Lite-On. In fact, my Lite-On drives can “see” my cheap black Plasmon vinyl CD-Rs, whereas my Optiarc AD-7200A can’t.

Just let it go and don’t use black CD-Rs unless you have a backup drive you can use them in if one drive can’t see them.

Memorex Black are very superior CD-r for music. The contrast increases the accuracy and decreases the error rate. Many Apple Sauce machines fail with these and inferior burners tend to not like them. I have had a couple of burners that after a a few hundred maybe a thou burns the Lazar LED starts to get weak and they will not play on all players or the burn will fail all together. That is the first place I would look. I have many thousands of burns with these on many different devices and I have had only one CHEAP junker that would not write to them and I can not remember if it was a 'lite-on" or not. If you burn fine quality music and want noticeable better Digital you only have to try one of these. I was skeptical at first also. How can a digital copy sound better? But they do. I record mostly jazz and classical and when it comes to delicate transitions and tonal quality like with a stringed instrument it is as close to original as digital can get. I also encourage you to use only higher quality source like 24/96 or better and NEVER MP3. EVERYONE I know will only use these for their music.