Memorex black CD-R's

Can someone please help me? Someone whom I correspond with just sent about 17 CD’s on which he copied various rare classical music performances. On some of these, he simply burned his original CD via his computer; on others, he used a CD recorder to copy various old items. Some of the CD’s he sent are Memorex black CD-R’s; others are standard silver-colored discs. The black ones, and only the black ones, although they play fine on my regular audio CD players, will not play on my computer and I can’t burn them either, using either Roxio or “Record Now”. Can anything be done? I noticed that these black discs have a mirror-like, shiny surface on the bottom (even after music has been recorded onto them), and I wonder if it’s that complete lack of visible markings that’s making my computer unable to read them. My PC is an HP m376n (made in late 2003). I have 2.75 GB of RAM, 2.6 GHz processing speed, 128 MB video memory, and 120 GB hard drive. I don’t know if the specs make any difference. If anyone could e-mail me at [email address removed to prevent spamming ], with any solution to this, I’d really, really appreciate it. If worse comes to worst, I guess I’ll just have to ask my friend to use only silver CD-R’s from now on, for the remaining things he’s supposed to copy for me. (He’s based in Dubai and says it’s kind of hard for him to get regular silver CD-R’s !!)

>>> Paul in West Los Angeles

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Good chance that the black CD-Rs are just plain crappy. Playstation 1 originals were on black discs but highly readable. I suspect it’s just poor discs and a burn burn on them also.

What kind of cdrom/writer (brand and model) do you use in your PC?

There were some older black CD-R that could not be read or written to with older DVD recorders because older DVD recorders used one same-colored laser for both CD and DVD :confused: (IIRC).

Do you use a DVD or a CD burner/drive?

Memorex Black are usually CMC and not very good CMC…

Computer Specs say that the only burner in the system should be a 4x DVD+R/RW drive. I’d guestimate that it is the hp dvd writer 300i, which could have been either a NEC 1100A or a Philips DVD8301 (depending on if it’s a 300c or 300v, respectively). The 300c/ND-1100A had quite a few issues, with some failing to read/write [certain/all] DVD media, and others failing to read/write [certain/all] CD media. This, in combination with your specific discs, could possibly make for a very unhappy drive.

This is true with the 25-pack 40x-rated “All-Use” Memorex Black discs sold at Target. The 50-packs of 48x-rated Memorex Black sold at Best Buy and OfficeMax are generally RiTEK.

In the past, prior to Memorex’s adoption of its current package style, Prodisc also made black CD-Rs for Memorex.

Guess I was very unlucky then, the 10 pack jewel cases and 25 spindle and 50 spindle were all CMC :frowning:

I’ve actually had some really good results as far as longevity and readability of black Ritek-produced CD-Rs. These were PNY branded, purchased and burned in 2000 or so, and are all still readable (whereas other discs of mine from the same time frame have deteriorated). I suspect the black plastic actually offers some level of UV protection.

i have some black arita cd-rs. All the drives will burn and read them accept my old old pio dvr-a05