Memorex Black CD-R ? corruption

Benq Dw1800 has a big problem with Memorex Black CD-R .
Have had no problem with normal CD-R’s ,but with Black there
is alot of Corruption ,not at first but maybe into the 8th to 15th song.
Have tried all speeds and slowest ,Should I stay away from them ? .!

Thanx .

Who is the manufacturer of your Black Memorex CD-R, CMC or Prodisc?

Don’t no how to tell (they would be the newest black memorex CD-R,with little green dots) in stores now . thanx

I have a few 8cm black Memoxex CD-Rs but my drives can’t read them

If you have Nero, open the toolkit and run CDSpeed. If you don’t then download CD/DVD Speed from cdspeed2000 . Click on the disc info tab and look at Manufacturer. :slight_smile:

See if you can find out the manufacturer as jhtalisman has shown in his post.

A couple of questions:

  1. When you say the songs are corrupted, do you mean they are skipping/jumping tracks?
  2. What drives did you use for playing back?

I have some Prodisc made Black Memorex and I burned an audio disc with the DW1800 at 16X using Nero this morning. Result is OK and it plays fine in my car stereo, discman and various drives in my PC.

Jhjalisman will try that ,thanx ( got 50 of them ) just had staples for all of past year ,and was great .lol go figure .

FactFinder ,thanx : It’s not only with this drive it’s with my Eclipse deck in the car soo bad .I have Tried all types of burn speed ,and have the most up to date firmware. thanks

Is it because the disk is Black it’s harder to read it ?.

Jhjalisaman, Thanx . Manufacuture is CMC Magnetics.

Jhtalisman ,spelled your name up 2x (kids) thanx

Memorex color CD-R is the worst CD-R. It is not readable in most CD/DVD drives I have.

I have a more positive experience with the Black Memorex, be they made by CMC or Prodisc. But the two are quite different with the dye used and the color of the disc, with the Prodisc being closer to black than the CMC ones. What works with the DW1800 + Prodisc Black combination may not work if it is DW1800 + CMC Black. It was reported in another forum that the Black CMC did have problem in reading. Unfortunately I don’t have anymore Black CMC to duplicate the test.

Thanx for all the info ,I always get the best from you guys ! .I think in the future I’ll shy away from them .