Memorex announces True 8X 8X8 dual format DVD recorder

I just posted the article Memorex announces True 8X 8X8 dual format DVD recorder.

Last month Memorex announced the 8X Dual-X DVD recorder featuring 8x DVD+R and 4x DVD-R recording speeds. Now, thanks to for spotting this press release, the company has…

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It sounds like an OEM Pioneer DVR-A07 besides the CD-R speed, a typo by Memorex?

Might also be the OEM-version of an upcoming LiteOn-drive. As far as I remeber some Memorex CD-R drives were rebadged LiteOns.

Sounds like a rebadged Lite-On… Look at Lite-On specs for the 811S… Will firmware update allow these 8x DVD+R drives write at 8x to DVD-R drives… Seems to me that the hardware is and should already be installed in these drives to allow for the 8x DVD-R burning…