Memorex announces $269 Blu-ray player

I just posted the article Memorex announces $269 Blu-ray player.

Memorex is giving movie watchers another choice when looking for low-cost Blu-ray players, with its MVBD-2510, which will be available for $269.
Memorex is best known to consumers for its…

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Drop the price by $69 and add DTS-MA and then maybe I’d buy it.

Since it doesn’t have Profile 2.0, I presume that it does not have an internet connection at all. If this is true, then firmware updates would need to be done via disk.
In that case, does anyone know how reliable Memorex is, or would be, about sending out update disks or making the updates available online?

These cheap Bd players are made by Funai. I tried a Magnavox and it was crap, now I own Samsung 1500 and will be getting Samsung LN46A850 and HT-AS720 5.1 Channel Home Theater System. Total control with HDMI-CEC

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Johnny, you’re from South Philly? Where abouts in South Philly?

i want prices to drop a few more dollars before i make the switch. even though memorex is a branch of imation, i still haven’t had much luck with any of their products.

Samsung BD-P1500 for $277 at amazon or you can get Sony S300 on clearance at walmart for $287 which the electronics are better than Memorex’s $269.