Memorex and Playo 8x DL Media?

Looking for some cheap media for short term software storage.

Again, not looking for archival use, just need something that works (Being able to read all the way to the outside edge would be nice)

Does anyone have experience with the new 8x memorex 8.5GB discs yet?

They’re relatively new, but CompUSA has them on sale for $30/25, which is the same price they used to sell the 2.4x memorex discs for.

Secondly, has ANYONE tried (no speculation, looking for actual use) the 8x Playo discs? They’re $90/100 online, and i heard the 2.4x media was similar to ritek/ricoh.

Again, not looking for long-term storage, just looking for something that burns correctly, and can actually be read by a standalone to the outside edge (i’ve used dynex and comp-usa brand discs that my samsung couldn’t even read back)

Will either of these discs fit the bill?

I have a tall-supply of 2.4x verbatims here for my important stuff, but i’d like some less-$$ discs for software i’m going to tire of after a while.

Well, you know everyone will try an recommend Verbatim here lol. [B]As you have clearly stated you just want less expensive discs and you already have verbatim [/B](just thought I would make it clear for some people here who have the cut and paste DL answer ready), I recommend trying something like CMC MAG D01. Or Ricoh japan.

I’ve heard CMC D01 is ok if you burn in the right writer and speed. I got a couple off ebay and am waiting to try them. They were about 30% cheaper than Verbatim - not a huge price difference but could be cheaper if I bulk purchased I guess. They were selling under the brand “intact”.

I suggest doing some online buying, or wherever cheap and testing the waters by only getting small amounts of the media. Once you find a cheap and good combination, buy 100.

I strongly recommend you [B]do not[/B] go and buy 100 DL discs without first trying a few of them. You can easily waste 90-100 bucks and get a crap load of expensive coasters.

Short-term storage it is, then :slight_smile:

I too have heard fairly good stuff about CMC DL discs, though I’ve yet to try them myself (looking forward to results from cd pirate when he gets his ;)). I’d certainly give them a go.

You never know. CMC SL media at least is known to be pretty stable, so they may last longer than you need, hehe. :wink:

Does anyone know a reliable way of choosing CMC DL media? In other words, is there a particular brand that is known to be using the CMC MAG D01 mid code?

Just curious. I have no intention of buying DL media other than the Singpore Verbs for the time being. And not many of them.

I bought a 25-pack of the 8x memorex discs from compUSA.

So far, so good. They burn in 18 minutes in my samsung 18x.

I haven’t tried them in my standalone yet, but i’m going to take one with me to work tomorrow, and scan it in the benq (my samsung drive makes scans of even verbatim discs look bad)

But so far so good.

8x media for under $1.25 a piece is a beautiful thing.

What’s the MID of those Memorex discs?

Ritek S04

[quote=Kerry56;1926975]Does anyone know a reliable way of choosing CMC DL media? In other words, is there a particular brand that is known to be using the CMC MAG D01 mid code?[/quote] HP branded DV+R DL 2.4x should be CMC MAG D01 and nothing else AFAIK.

Oops. Forgot I asked about this. Thanks for the info DrageMester

The 15-pack of 8x Memorex DL disks is on sale at Office Depot for $19.99. Use a competitor coupon to get them lower, or buy them at Best Buy and then go back for a 110% price match (you’ll save another $1.70).

Even for short term storage I wouldn’t touch the Playo discs as they are chinese/HK made fakes. I would go with the Memorex discs as you will probably have greater chances of success with your writer.