Memorex a good DVD Burner?

I am looking at buying a DVD burner drive. The problem I am running into is compatability.

I am going to buy Ulead VideoStudio 7 for video editing, and DVDxCopy to back up my DVDs. Only problem is compatablility for both programs.

I am looking at getting a memorex 4x DVD burner…partnumber 32033235

Any comments? Is it a mistake to get this burner? What kind of burner do you think would do the trick (not more than 200.00…

I am new to this whole thing…any help would be appriciated.

Hello newcomer, hope you’ll stick around…
Hmm Memorex Europe doesn’t list any 4x writer, so what is the model number? Memorex doesn’t manufacture anything themselves so this burner is a rebagged writer.
I’m quite sure its compatible anyways (ATAPI equipment is standard) but making sure won’t hurt.

I’m sure somebody know what unit the memorex is :slight_smile:

This memorex ? :wink:

Yep, that is the one. That review is how I came about looking to buy that one!

I was hoping someone actually bought and used it with either ulead or dvdxcopy to let me know how it went…

I just want to be 100pct sure before I buy something that expensive (if that is even possible!) I have all the coasters I need in my house…dont need any more! :slight_smile:

For the forum, so far I like what I see, a lot of people are helpful and there is a lot of info out there to learn :eek: !

See I knew people read the reviews.

Anyway a good rule of thumb when buying cd burner or a dvd burner for that matter, is to remember, how much is the cost going to effect you. If you buy a cd-burner, you can pick up spindles of cd’s for under 20 dollars. However when you buy a dvd burner, there are several considerations. Price. Price of the media. and harddrive space. Some of the spindles of dvds are around 50$ or so. Are you going to be making the home movies to play in any dvd player ?? Check out some of the reviews and make sure that you want can do everything you WANT it to do.

I have been looking for one myself and am planning to get a dual format drive. One that does plus and minus

Btw Memorex does have good things. It is true about the drives being rebadged though. You can probably send them a email and ask about the types of parts in use. What I mean is ask them who made the drive for them or who is making the motors.

I’ve sent a private message (pm) to OC-Freak , the reviewer of the drive. I hope he can help you with the questions.

Keep us updated ,

Regards ,

Mr. Belvedere

Hey, I have this drive and its write quality is simply outstanding as well as its superior media compatibility. No need for hacked firmwares and such to get media compatibility.

The drive is in fact a Pioneer DVR-106.

Sorry but I’ve not tried those programs out. If you have a link to some trial versions I may try them out if filesize is not to large. (I’m on 38k dialup so I won’t download files larger than 3-4Mb in size).

Thanks for the help! By the way, the review was very professional, you did a good job with it.

I think I will get the drive and software and hope for the best. I will let you know how things work out!

btw, be sure to grab firmware 1.07 for the drive from

fw 1.07 improved write quality even more on many disc brands.

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
This memorex ? :wink: