Memorex 8x +r Printable media - Impressive results

Just picked up some Memorex 8x injet printable media from CompUSA. Printed them with my Epson R300, and the print part looked great. Ran Plextools Sum8 and Sum 1 Tests. Sum 8 showed PI’s under 12. Sum1 test gave averge PIF of .01 with a max of 4. These were burned on my Mad Dog (NEC3500), using the current Mad Dog firmware. I’ll wait six months and test them again to see if they hold up. So far, I will definately buy more of these. Media code is CMC MAG-E01-00. This as as good as I’m getting with Verbatim and TY’s.

And just think, a month ago you were bashing me for suggesting that CMC was good media, saying you’d never buy it and compared it to the Ford Pinto… :rolleyes:

Glad to see that you have become a little more open minded and have not stayed the close minded guy in your Ford Pinto story :wink: Nice to hear that you’ve found that CMC can be quite good after all.

My previous memorex was no where near this good. Perhaps they have upped their quality control… I have some 4x memorex that is cmc, and it is fair on the same burner. I’ll have to try some 8x and 12x burns and see how they come out.