Memorex 8x DVD-R (RITEKG05) and stand alone player

Hello everyone, I’m using a Lite-on 812s for my buring, I’ve had great success with burning home movies and backup DVD’s with verbitam media. Recently I picked up a Pack of Memorex 8x DVD-R (RITEKG05) and have had no problems with burning, the only difference this time is that it would not read in my Onkyo standalone player. Has anyone used this media with stand alone players ?

Welcome :wink:

Your dvdplayer shouln´t have any problem with reading DVD-R´s.

At what speed did you burn G05´s?

You can check the quality of your burn´s with CD/DVD Speed qualitytest or KProbe 2.4.2


Pinto2, I was burning at 8x…I wasted about four disc thinking I was doing something wrong…I returned them and went back to my reliable verbatim (digital movie) disks and everything is back to normal again.

I can now kick myself in the butt !!..The Ritekg05 does work with my DVD player, All I needed to do was turn the unit off and back on, and now they work !!..After I returned almost 50 of them back and got 25 verbatim’s for the same price :frowning: