Memorex 8x DVD+R DL - 50-Pack - $33.25 AC - Free Shipping -

Yeah, we know that Verbatim is always the best, but for the hard heads who still want to use something else, I might as well help them save some money and avoid the really crappy 2.4x disks (RITEK D01). The cost ends up being $0.67 USD per disk.

50-Pack Memorex 8x DVD+R DL Media (RITEK S04)

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anyone know any cheap burners that will burn these at 8x or 6x at least?
prefer sata drive

If you’re going to feed it this type of “media”, you should probably get a Pioneer 216 or 215 (though the 215 is getting hard to find). Mwave still has the 215 available…don’t yell at me cause its beige though.

Pioneer 115 or 215 will burn RITEK S04 and RITEK D01 nicely. Use them all the time for 360.
My Benq 1650 and Sony-NEC 7200 seem to have a hard time with these, however.