Memorex 8x DVD-R 50-pack $8.99 at Best Buy (U.S., in-store only, clearance)



Stopped at Best Buy tonight and 50-packs of Memorex 8x DVD-R were on clearance for $8.99. This appears to be a nationwide clearance that started on the morning of May 11.

The pack I bought contains CMCMAGAE1, and they appear to be of good quality. A quality scan is attached below.

Some warnings: Memorex 16x media is regular-priced. Not all stores will have 8x -R media still in stock. Memorex 8x +R media should be priced differently. There may not be a price tag on the shelf. You may have to look around the store in the video department and overstock areas for these discs.

Memorex part 32025597.
Best Buy SKU 6678589.
Barcode 034707055971.


Damn, I might just have to go get some. I usually only use DVD+R, but I had a 25 pack of the same kind above and had no coasters. I might get some for data backups.


Picked up 2 spindles of + and 2 of the - yesterday. Both CMC Mag media. The + were E01, the - were AE1. Both burned very well on the Nec 3520 with1UF firmware. Good addition to my stock of Verbatim’s and Fuji’s in the closet. Grab some while you can !



Thanks man, I just ask for a scan for this media over on the Staples thread. This scan looks very good for a 8x burn. I believe that these are as good if not better than the TY GD value disk for about half the price. I was thinking about picking some of these (AE1’s) at Staples, might just stop by BB instead. I bet the branding looks better on these though. :iagree:


just got a spindle of the -R’s myself, they too were AE1 according to DVD Decrypter

Manufacturer ID: CMC MAG. AE1

personally i have never had a problem with Memorex DVD-R’s


You’ll pay the same price for either format at the register ! There were no “Clearance” or “On Sale” signs in either of the stores on the Memorex media.
BB is advertising 50pks of DYNEX (Ritek R03) for $7.99 in the stores.
Seems like only yesterday, we were paying a buck a disc for decent 4x media !!!


Tues. May 17 - no memorex of any kind at reduced prices at my BB in Florida. Plenty at regular prices. Tried register and service desk. Even mentioned “CD Freaks” - they got upset.




Couldn’t find the dirt cheap 50-packs, they cost $20 at my BB. Instead, found some 25-packs of 8x DVD+R MIT Memorex for $5.99 at BB at Clearance Sale. Turned out to be CMC MAG E01.

They also had some Memorex 8x DVD+R MII for the same price, so check before you buy so you get what you want.


Anyboby know the MID on the MII ?


Staples is having their anniversary sale, $8 per 50, you get CMC, Moser Baer, or Fujifilm, and all are very decent quality, $1 cheaper than memorex, and plenty in stock


Moser Baer MBIPG101 R04 001. DVDR test forum has a lot of scans for it, including mine.