Memorex 8x dual format

I was planning on getting a new memorex dual format 8x dvd+r writer for christmas but I can’t fin any reviews on it. If someone knows how good the drives are, please let me know. The main purpose of this drive is going to be “backing” up games, just seeing if anyone has tried this drive on ps2 or xbox games.

Got this drive a couple of weeks ago … no problems so far!

I haven’t yet found any +R media that burns up to the stated 8X, but it runs at 4X with no problems.

I have noticed that it has trouble burning my older -R blank discs, and have about a 75% success rate with them.

As for PS2 backups, have made several burns that work with no problems with my modded machine.

Overall, great drive and definitely worth the $199.

You can burn Ritek AKA TDK DVD+Rs at 8x if they are 4x normally.

Probably a Lite-On OEM :wink:

Maybe you need a firmware upgrade as the latest firmware for the real Lite-On (HS0E) allows 8X on 4X DVD+R discs from ricoh, Taiyo Yuden and mitsubishi.