Memorex 80min CD-R won't work on car stereo?




I’ve been using the Memorex 80 min CD-R for a couple of months and it worked fine (minus the speed problem - burning at 16x is fine, but at 8x i get noise) and will play on the car stereo. The newest batch, however, refuses to work on the car stereo (JBL). After getting DVDInfoPro, I’ve discovered that the old batch (works) was made by CMC (an inferior company?) and that the newest batch (doesn’t work) was made by ProDisc (isn’t this better?). So what’s going on?


Depends on your writer.
Some writers can handle certain discs better than others.
What burner do you have?
Have you updated to the latest firmware?

Also, car stereo’s tend to be much pickier than other CD players or PC drives.
Try burning the Prodiscs at a lower speed.
If all else fails, go out and get yourself some Fujifilm Made in Japan CD-R, which is high quality Taiyo Yuden CD-R. These should burn and work well in your car player.



Is this what you’re talking about?


That picture looks like the made in Taiwan Fujifilm discs (Prodisc).

You have to find the Fujifilm CD-R that says made in Japan on them and has the distinctive cakebox that bubbles out at the bottom.


Hi, thanks for your replies.

Do you have a link to a pic? Thanks. BTW, my burner is the Lite-On 812S, and as far as I know they haven’t updated the firmware for that drive since summer of 04.


Yeah they look like this:

See how the spindle bubbles out near the bottom?
They also come in regular CD-R style (non colored tops).


Thanks so much!


Well, I’ve finally purchased the Fujifilm media that you recommended (it’s made by Taiyo Yuden), and it works perfectly on my car.

My only question is, how do I determine the optimal speed at which to burn the CD? I know it’s rated for up to 48x, but of course Nero only lets me burn up to 40x (8x, 16x, 24, 32x, 40x). I burned it at 16x and it sounded fine, but is there a program out there that can let me compare the quality of burning at 16x and at, say, 32x?


That’s very good stuff, it should burn well even at 40x!
You can compare burn quality using KPROBE.



I’ve got KPROBE, but I’m not sure exactly how to use it. Do I simply read that there’s no errors and that’s it? If not, maybe you could suggest a tutorial somewhere. Thanks a lot for all your help.


Sure here’s a tutorial:

Keep in mind that DVD writers are not always that good for scanning CD-R discs and can sometimes produce funky results, but it will at least allow you to compare and determine the best quality speed for your discs.
A LiteOn CD-R writer does a better job at C1/C2 error scanning.