Memorex 80 min. 48x (100 spindle)

What about Memorex medias? Are they crap or not?
I’ve read a lot opinions of users which say, memorex CD-Rs are ok or even excellent, but on the other hand some users think they are crap?
Are they (actually) ok? I hope to get TYs, but what if I would get CMCs?:confused: :confused:

100 CD-Rs for 28 Euro at amazon (Germany) is cheap, I think.

Has anybody some experiences with these discs?

Please let me know!

Here’ s the link: (amazon Germany)

in the US they sell them too (

thx in advance, Neyman

Take care about new Memorex CDRs. Some different packages LOT, this moment are not reliable in burning ,due maybe low cost manafactured.

Some info of factory and package made , take from :

(or in my opinion try find 48x discs in jewel case or 52x spindle of 25discs (made by Prodisc)-I have bought them in the past and they are very good CDRS but a little expensive I think !)

Also read this :

BTW Memorex (TY) seems stop be available any more …

I’ve heard of Memorex being made by these companies:
Taiyo Yuden
Moser Baer
I am not sure if there are any Princo Memorex discs (someone said it in a newsgroup post that they found Princos in a spindle of Memorex). I know for sure that Infodisc makes CD-RW for Memorex, but people reported on newsgroups that they got Infodisc Memorex CD-Rs. And I’m not completely sure about Ritek. But you will most likely get CMC or Prodisc if you buy a newer Memorex spindle.

The Prodisc 48x and 52x Memorex are pretty decent, though not necessarily at those speeds. Keep them to 40x and they work very well.
There haven’t been any TY Memorex in the USA since the 32x media.

Also now no "made in " in a spindle or case …just “imported”
(is used also by TDK and Maxell packages too, this moment…)