Memorex 8.5GB 8X Double Layer DVD+R (50pk) $26.99

Memorex 8.5GB 8X Double Layer DVD+R (50pk Spindle) $26.99 from TigerDirect

$26.99 + $3.74 shipping = $0.61 per disc

sounds like a great price but will these burn half way decently in burners in general?

cause at that price i would consider getting some for more basic data backup if they where fairly reliable.

but it appears taking a quick look on reviews on amazon that alot of people say it’s taking a gamble with the discs as alot of people apparently had to return em and get replacements etc and sometimes they work great and sometimes all burns fail etc.

all in all unless i can get reliable info about the discs (i.e. if they a safe bet or not) ill probably skip em cause i dont have cash to burn to take a risk on something like these… but if i did i would do it cause 26.99 is pretty tempting :wink:

Sorry, looks like the deal expired.