Memorex 52x24x52

I’m sure you guys have probably addressed this issue before but I did a search and didn’t really find any answers that would help solve my problem. So here goes… I have had a Memorex 52x24x52 (rebadged Lite-on) for 6 months and for some reason it wouldn’t burn on 48x media at all AND NOW it won’t burn anything. It stops at 3% burn process (100% lead in) and just spins forever. :a :a I’d really appreciate some help before I rip this thing out of my PC and run it over with my car. :bow:

I am going to guess that you are using CloneCD

Did I guess right? If so read this.

No I’m using the (LEGAL) Nero/InCD package that came bundled with the burner.

Sorry about that. It is just that lots of people have had the same problem but with CloneCD, which was why I suggested that thread.

Have you changed any hardware or software at all just before it stopped working?

Nope. I built the PC back in March and it worked pretty well until I tried using some Fuji 48x media. Thats when it first locked up at 3%. I was using some cheap 32x imation media instead since. Now nothing works and it just locks up at 3%. I tried using some other software to burn with (Roxio, Adaptec, Win XP…) that didn’t work either. I’m not a Tech Wiz and have not tried to flash or upgrade the firmware, but if that will solve the problem then I will. Any suggestions?

My next suggestion was going to be to try differenet burning software to see if it was your Nero/InCD software. Since you have already tried that it then comes down to O/S or your drive.