Memorex 52X - Prodisc 97m32s19f & HD Burn


I have an MSI DR-8 with firmware version 150D. I have burnt a lot of HD Burn, but when ever I try with the above mentioned media (See subject) I get a power calaboration error, even when trying to write HD Burn at 6X. The disks work fine when writing a regular CD (NOT HD-burn).

I know people say that a power calaboration error means junk media, but I was wondering if this still applied since the disks work perfectly to write a regular CD.

I have since tried Ritek CD’s and Verbatim and they both work fine.



I’m not too familiar with Samsungs’ HD burn, but I believe that only certain discs are “HD-burn certified”. So yes it is perfectly normal for a CD-R to function 100% normal as a CD-R but then not work correctly in a HD-burn.
It sounds like those particular Memorex discs cannot handle the format. Use your other discs!