Memorex 52maxx "DEAD"

hey i bought a memorex 52maxx cd-rw drive and it worked fine until a couple days later when i noticed the light was on and the drive would not eject. there is no cd in the drive. so, i just took the drive out, put it back in the box and bought a different one. I would like to give this drive to my friend but first get it working. i have done some research and found that if you flash it you could get it working. but i dont really know what programs to use and i also do not have an active floppy drive. any help. thanks in advance


Do the “perp” walk and take the P.O.S. back. I will to.

i dont think i have the reciept. :frowning:

Still looking for solutions to my problems with my DMA switch not staying activated when coming back from several reboot attempts. If you find solutions to your problems please share them with me.