Memorex 52 maxx - no recording tab?

Hey everyone.
I brought my memorex 52 home from my work pc. At work it was able to record in windows with the built in burn utility. here that is not available. with my old hp10x burner it is. here are other things i’ve noticed. When you right click and choose properties for it under my computer, it no longer has the recording tab like it did at work. by the way, the work pc is also exactly the same as mine a home, chip, os and all. i have checked the drivers under device manager and they are identical between both drives. any ideas? hepl please?

i have the memorex 52 max . I had the same issue til I updated my IDE atapi controller drivers. Then I got the recording tab. I know if you search with google there is a registry fix too that microsoft recommended but I dont use it . Try new IDE drivers and see if it gets ya going


DId you do anything special when you updated them? Cause i updated before and lost my DMA2 to I had to remove the channel and let windwos reinstall in order to get DMA 2 back. ANy suggestions. And what do i search for at microsoft.

no I didnt lose anything at all. I have lost before on one of my other machines and i just unplugged all drives and plug each drive one by one and turned on and it set it back to dma 2 for me. That was done on a system that used VIA chipset drivers.

As for as microsoft and the registry fix it is here;en-us;316529

that article tells you where to go in registry. Also make backup before you mess with registry.

Also try switching the memorex on the master cable and set it as master and see if you get the recording tab . Or just set it as slave . Dont use cable select and see if you get the tab back .