Memorex 50-Pack Double Layer DVD+R $59.99

Are these disc any good? Item #: M200-1200

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They might work for you but I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole - UK expression if you didn’t know that.

I’d only buy Verbatim +R DL but in the UK they’re still relatively expensive so I don’t buy DL media much.

They’re fine if you are throwing a party and you don’t want water marks on your coffee table. Or good for porn anyway.

LOL :bigsmile:

As Tim said, the only DL I’d consider is Verbatim.

You can buy them on ebay for $65 shipped so it’s not even worth buying to resell

Yup, not to mention Tigerdirect usually has rediculous shipping charges.

Don’t ever consider buying Memorex Double Layer disc they are useless and Junk. If you want to buy DL media better to get Verbatim Made In Taiwan only.

TCAS, you got it wrong man. Verbatim D/L DVD+R are produced in Singapore (and soon to have some from Moser Baer in India). It’s only the single layer stuff that is produced in Taiwan.

I was only refering to Verbatim SL MIT, the point is memorex DL media is not worth of try and I have seen any good comment about Memorex DL media from any member.

Okay, but your last line in your post above clearly states:

“If you want to buy DL media better to get Verbatim Made In Taiwan only.”

It’s pretty clear that you have never used D/L Verbatim before, so please just own up to your mistake instead of trying to deny it.

You are correct about the Memorex media though. It definitely isn’t worth it at that price.

You do not have to bring hostility in the discussion I thought the “Moderators” set the tune in civility. You are entitle to your own opinion and let the others have the same right.

I usually would never say anything (yes it’s not my place I know) but we are all here to learn and have fun with our burners and media so can we all be cool please?!