Memorex 4x

Brand name: Memorex
Media type:dvd-r 4x
Mid code: CMC MAG AF1
Firmware used: v0047
Burn Software used: Nero 6.3
Write Contents: two different dvd movies
Number of media tried: 6 pcs
Burn Result: 4 pcs 4x good, 2 pcs 2x good
Verification: Nero DVD/CD Speed: random unreadable toward end at 2x burns, last 1/5 of disk unreadable at 4x burns.
Play back: JVC xv-s60: 2x good, 4x pixelation and freezing on last few chapters. same results playing back in the computer.

I returned the BTC and bought a Plextor PX-708a for about $200 in the US. All media I have tried including these Memorex DVD-R have been working without any coasters. Well worth the extra dollars.