Memorex 4X DVD+RW at Comp USA are Ricoh!

In the ad this week…40% off on the 10 pack…$26.99. Ran DVDPlusIdentifier on them…Ricoh! Normally I never buy Memorex…but saw a post earlier that Memorex is using Ricoh for their faster speed DVD+RW…well worth it. All 10 discs in the box are Ricoh’s.


I’m only 90% sure about this, but here you go:

Ritek do manufacture a lot of 4X DVD+R and 4X DVD+RW discs…and they all have ricoh ADIP.

So it may well be a ritek manufactured disc.

But the discs is of good quality!

My Ritek disks were Ricoh, but, if what you say is true, you never know.

Then again, They all say RICOHJPN, but the packaging always says Made In Taiwan. I think your right.

Too bad for me…I had three duds in the 10 pack…brought them back…guess I’ll wait for TDK or Verbatim…Every time I use Memorex…I get burned.


The TDK would be the exact same disk. The Verbatim would probably be the same, but they could be Mitsubishi Chemicals.


I have some TDK DVD+ R and DVD-R and with both…the manufacturer is shown as TDK Corporation. Hmmm!


Yep, but I’ve not seen TDK RW discs made by TDK :wink:

This is only what I heard, so these are unconfirmed rumors, but from a reliable source though. It seems that Ricoh is currently technology provider for Ritek and is currently using their stampers. So manufacturing is actually done by Ritek, the stampers (and ATIP) are from Ricoh. What this means to quality, I have no clue.

Yep and more: It seems like it may be the same for CMC magnetics as well; their 4X DVD+R discs is identrified as RICOHJPNR01

If you look at the stamper codes on the hub rings of Ricoh DVD+R/RW’s, and compare them to Ritek DVD-R’s and CD-R’s, they look almost identical in style (small black dot-matrix characters, wrapping around the hub, same fonts, etc.). I’m not sure what they typically look like on CMC media, but I lean towards the theory that there’s a connection between the Ricoh and Ritek discs.

Would seem that Ritek do indeed manufacture most of the Discs with the ‘RICOHJPNR01’ ADIP.
Bought a Ricoh Branded 4x +R disc which says made in Taiwan on the jewel-case, has both Japanese & English Instructions on it too :slight_smile:
Very nice quality disc too, best PI/PO numbers i’ve seen out of all the discs i’ve burned so far, will post it in the test forum sometime.
Both Ritek +R & Arita +R sold in the UK have the ‘RICOHJPNR01’ ADIP.

Originally posted by Metaluna
I’m not sure what they typically look like on CMC media, but I lean towards the theory that there’s a connection between the Ricoh and Ritek discs.

On CMC CD-Rs, I’ve seen a few styles of the serial #'s on the hub.

Ive burned some 4x TDK that are manufactured by ricoh and all i can say is STAY AWAY!

i also have verbatim and ritek that are also manufactured by ricoh, 4x speed, that burn way better than the tdks.

and the strange thing is i like TDK for cdrs…
but not for dvdr till i get some for free with rebates and they burn good! :bigsmile:

im on the lookout for some memorex 4x dvd+rw

but no compusa where i live! i hope circuit city has them or walmart! :slight_smile: