Memorex 4x DVD+R 5 Packs

Be careful guys and gals… Memorex is now using CMC media for some of there DVD’s… There is an easy way to tell what is what though… I found this out today… There are 2 different box styles… One of them is that you just flip the box open… The other is where you have to remove a little tab, and then flip the box open…

The RICOHJPNR01 DVDs are in the box that just flip open.

The CMC crap is in the box that you must remove the tab and then open up…

Hope that helps some of you …

Memorex is now using CMC media for some of there DVD’s…

this is not news, they always have.

There’s nothing wrong with CMC DVDR’s, they produce excellent results in many burners.

For some reason I have had nothing but problems with them… The burn goes perfect until about 40% through the burn… PI average until 10, PO average under .05… But after about 40% of the disk, they both go into the thousands and the disk is unplayable after that…

they produce excellent results in many burners

Except some LiteOn burners. :o
Actually, they are better than Ricoh in my NEC.

That is why I posted this thread:) I have had many bad results from CMC as have some others… Some people ahve had good results… The reason I posted this thread is so taht people will be able to look at the box and be able to tell if they are CMC or RICOHJPN before they buy it… This way they can choose which brand they want…

Just a followup to your post
Both Future Shop and Best Buy in Canada have had Memorex media on sale. I have discovered media differences in the boxes and a way to determine the media manufacturer without opening the boxes. The media can be either CMC MAG F01 which burns at 2.4X (sometimes at 4X) or RICOHJPNR01 which burns at 4X.
On the back of the packaging either in singles, 5 pack or 10 pack on the bottom left corner there is a product code. The product code is the almost the same for either media in any packaging except the CMC media has an extra letter ‘R’ - ie the 5 pack Ricoh has a product code of 5395 5989 and the CMC is 5395 5989R. I have been able to correctly pick the Ricoh media 10 out 10 with this identifier.
I thought I should share this discovery
I hope it helps

Cool, thansk chtomson… There are now 2 ways to correctly identify the RICOHJPN and CMC media… thanks:)

I have been using Memorex DVD-R’s that came on a spindle of 25. They are made in Taiwan. I did dvdr identifier and it said CMC Mag.
I have a Sony dru-500a burner and they seem to work great and are very compatible with anything i have tried them in.

My question is, even if the CMCs burn well with my burner, do they not last long on the shelf? I have heard horror stories of people trying to play back dvd-rs after a couple months and none of them work. I dont want that to happen, so i think i am going to switch to taiyo yuden (by the way, where is the cheapest place to get TY discs?).
should i go ahead and reburn all my backups onto taiyo yuden?

I went through my first spindle of 25 memorex with great results burned at 4 times no problem now I went to get a batch at future shop and they would only burn at 1x ,I took them back and grabbed another spindle of same and same thing is happening , Since searching these forums I have discovered that there is a difference in make and quality even from a name brand. I will be taking this spindle back also and will try the another brand,but will look at the different labelling on the memorex,thanks for the posts and I will be aware of what is what from now on.