Memorex 4X, all discs unreadable?!?!

I purchased a pack of 100 Memorex 4X professional DVD-R discs from UK, but they’ve proved to be a source of frustration.

Pioneer DVR-105 doesn’t recognise the disc properly, the disc keeps spinning like mad but doesn’t show up in any media info utility.

Toshiba 6112 kicks out the disc right after insertion.

Nec 1300 reads the disc (Media ID shows CMC MAG as manufacturer), but doesn’t even begin the burn process.

What the heck is going on?? I’ve tried all kinds of no-name brands, but never have I encountered a batch of discs that all seem to be totally unreadable!

I ordered these from overseas and sending them back means an extra cost as well. I contacted Memorex, but have had no response yet. Has anyone heard about this? Are there batches of Memorex 4X going round that are this fooked up?

I know for a fact that loads of people are using these discs with their DVR-105 with no problems.

I’ve used memorex discs here (CMC.MAG.AF1) with varying results - for the most part good though.

The quality of CMC discs have been varying, but I’ve not seen any that is this bad.

Stupid suggestion, but you do have the latest firmware versions for your drives?

All the drives have the most recent official firmwares. I guess the only thing I can do is to return them. Too bad that the postage fees are paid by the customer though…

I bought meself a cakebox of Memorex 4x DVD+Rs.
Terrible Ideal.

The same DVD+Rs, when purchased in single cases were Riteks that performed moderately allright on my Liteon 411S.

The cakebox i invested in was exactly the same product on the outside, but the inside was instead all just chinese generics. TOtally unusable to me. Unreliable for data, and unviewable in large portions.
that is what i have learned.
if it plays flawlessly from the HD, it ain’t the rip or the encode.
its gotta be the media or the reader.

Well, the testing is now over, and the verdict is out.

This batch of Memorex 4X DVD-R is a pile of crap. Tried 5 different burners, all with the most recent firmware, and none of the drives was able to burn one of these babies.

A word of warning, be very careful when you buy Memorex CMC MAG AF1 discs! You just might get a similar batch…

I purchased 100 coasters (have only tested about 30 discs, though) and will NEVER buy Memorex DVD-R again. Btw, these came in tubs of 10. Sending them back where they came from.