Memorex 48MAXX to LTR-48125W Success

Finally got around to flashing the firmware in my Memorex 48MAXX (1248AJ) 48/12/48 to LTR-48125W VS08. :cool: Mainly wanted to take advantage of the improvements in media compatibility with VS08 that I’ve been reading about, and decided it was time to pull the trigger. So far so good! Initial tests with CMC media show a definite improvement. No unreadable sectors with SMARTBURN disabled. I guess you can say I unbadged a rebadged Lite-On. :bigsmile:

Just one issue not attributed to the flash itself. . . The order of my drives got changed. Lite-On DVD used to be drive F, and CD-RW used to be drive G. Their order is now reversed. :confused: I did remove the DVD drive from the IDE chain when I flashed the CD-RW, and initially rebooted into XP that way. For some reason I can’t seem to get XP to re-order the drive letter assignments back to the way they were. Any ideas???

‘Right Click’ on My Computer and click Manage. Click on ‘Disk Management’ under storage. In the right hand side window, ‘Right Click’ on the ‘CD-ROM’ or ‘DVD-ROM’ drive and select the option for changing the drive letter. You can also do this for Hard drive partitions and Zip drives.

Thanks M8! :slight_smile: I’ve only been running XP since like March, so I should have known better :stuck_out_tongue: I feel like such a clod. But everything is back the way it should be now. Just goes to show that u learn something new every day.