Memorex 48MAXX, sry for the long post

I’ve been looking around for firmware updates for my Memorex 48MAXX CD burner. Problem I’m having is Windows XP reports that my burner is a 48MAXX 1248AJ, which according to this website doesn’t exist(?!)

This website says that a 1248aj should be a 40MAXX drive and the 48MAXX drive is a 2448.(?)

The entire reason this whole quest came to be was because, obviously I’m having problems burning :\

I just recently upgraded my computer to an ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe mother board with an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (barton core), 1GB of Kingston HyperX 3500 RAM, and a Maxtor 120GB SATA hard drive. Ever since my upgrade I have not be able to burn anything. If I place a CD, of ANY kind in the 48MAXX drive windows says there is something there. I can play music, install programs and use windows explorer to see the contents of any CD. The problem I’m having is when I try to burn anything, using any version of any burning software, they all insist that the CD burner drive has no media in it again regardless of what is in the drive.

There are a couple factors that I should probably share before getting too involved though. In my old computer (pre-upgrade) I had a 30GB hard drive with windows XP installed running in the primary master IDE, and a second 15GB hard drive with no OS running on primary slave. My 48MAXX was running on secondary master and all was good, I could burn anything without any problems. My current setup has my SATA drive setup as primary boot drive in the bios, physically located on my built-in SCSI/raid controller, my old 30GB (windows XP still installed) on my primary master IDE and 15GB on primary slave and 48MAXX still on the secondary master. This introduces yet another problem I accidentally found while trying to figure out my burner problem. Windows for some reason won’t boot off of my SATA drive alone. I’m not sure if I had a bad install or the fact that I had a version of windows installed on another drive already and it didn’t bother putting a boot sector on my SATA drive. If I pull either of my hard drives from my primary IDE slot, my computer won’t boot, same problem if I pull both of them. The SATA simply won’t boot without BOTH of the older IDE hard drives installed and powered up. I’ve also read somewhere that multiple start-ups with XP can affect CD burners and I’m am looking into resolving this conflict, by (hopefully) pulling both older IDE drives out and running windows XP recovery and repair the boot sector on the SATA drive. I was originally hoping to copy all my files from my 2 old hard drive to my new 120GB one and then format the two smaller drives and build up a second computer from the remaining parts of my old computer… sorry for the “rabbit trail”

I am also running morphiousware drivers for my nforce2 chipset motherboard which has tweeked drivers for everything including IDE… So my question, finally, is… what should I do to fix this problem I’m having? Should I:

  1. flash my firmware in my burner (not sure if this site even has the right version to begin with)
  2. reinstall known good IDE drivers for my mother board (maybe it’s as simple as a bad driver)
  3. try to get my SATA drive booting on it’s own and loose the two old drives in hopes that it clears things up (IDE confusion with the new SATA drive?)
  4. something else I haven’t even thought of… :confused:

2: Use the M$ default IDE drivers included with the operating system and I’m pretty sure your problem will go away.

1: I’m unable to find any firmware upgrades for your drive, what is your current firmware version? But I do not think that is the problem.