Memorex 48Maxx dying?

I haven’t even had this 48x12 drive for a year and it already seems to be malfunctioning…When i burn a cd, the burn speed increases up until it hits about 24x, then it drops to 0 and begins rising again…it hits 19.9x and stop. the cd burner will not burn faster than 19.9x past the first 15% of the cd or so. I could easily chalk this up to some kind of funky windows error, but nothing seems to make sense…Is this just a sign that the drive is dying or what?

Does the LED on the front glow orange when the speed jumps down?

Uhh…I dunno…Gimme a few minutes to burn a cd and I’ll tell you

Watching the activity LED intently, i can confirm that it did turn orange corresponding with the sound of the cd spinning down…What does this mean?

The orange LED lights either when switching between zones if your burner uses Z-CLV, or it means that SmartBurn is being used. SmartBurn being used could be either because a buffer underrun was prevented, or else the drive slowed the speed because it thought that that was how to best record to the media in the drive.

You should try using another brand of media, and see if is also limited.

I’m 90% sure that you’ve forgot to enable DMA for the drive.

Under w98/me: go to device manager and find the drive under CD-devices, go to it’s properties and enable DMA.

under w2k/XP: go to device manager and find the IDE channel it’s connected to under IDE/ATAPI controllers. Go to the properties and check that it’s set to “DMA if availible” and not “PIO only”.

You may use Nero infotool to check if DMA is enabled as well, download it from

i’m 90% sure i’ve been using computers far far too long to “forget to enable dma”

Originally posted by striknine
i’m 90% sure i’ve been using computers far far too long to “forget to enable dma”

Give OC a break. You’ve only recently joined the forums so we don’t know if you’re a newbie or a Bill Gates, he was just going through the most likely options.

Anyway, back the the topic. The media you’re using could be unsuitable for burning at highter speeds, try some good CD-Rs like TY.

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I’m using maxwell 40x media. Came in a 100 count spool. The media is not the problem - the burner didn’t start doing this until recently, and it does it on other media, including memorex 48x jewel cased cds…

First; use CD-speed to do a transfer rate test of a data CD. If it reaches 48X without problems then it’s definitively not a DMA issue.

Well you have to start somewhere, right? And the DMA is a very likely reason why it writes at low speeds. :wink:

I understand that you’re a moderator and i’m new to the forum, but this is NOT a dma issue. When I’ve already recognized that, you’re crossing the line from making a helpful suggestion into treating me like an idiot.

I’ll run whatever tests necessary and post some results…

sorry to sound snappy there (i’m an asshole)

Nero CDSpeed burns the cd smoothly all the way up to 48.5x. It’s only a 40x rated maxell cdr, so…the plot thickens…

I’m sorry that you felt stamped on, it was not ment that way. :slight_smile:

It’s just that I’ve seen to many with this issue and in 99% of the cases it have been the DMA in one way or another.

But let us look at the problem again: Do it writ at max 24X for the whole CD or just the first 15%? How is the drive connected (Primary master, etc)? Which program do you use to write? any packet writing programs installed?

What chipset do you mainboard have? Which IDE drivers are you using? (the default MS OS drivers or other drivers?)

drive is secondary master, no slave, on an asus a7n8x-deluxe nforce2 board. as i mentioned above, it writes up to 24x and then won’t write higher than 19.9x. i’m getting these figures from alcohol 120%, also using nero and discjuggler

Are you using Nvidia IDE drivers? as these is known to cause problems with cd-writing. If so try to go back to the microsoft IDE drivers included in the operating system.

now that sounds like a lead…i’m actually using newer nforce betas right now, including i believe a beta ide driver…

i could see nvidia’s drivers breaking cd writing…a past version broke cd READING (safedisc games wouldnt recognize the cd after patching)

M$ IDE drivers are crap. Been there, done that. Download the latest 1.16 drivers for NF2 boards from the Asus website.

Originally posted by OC-Freak
Are you using Nvidia IDE drivers? as these is known to cause problems with cd-writing. If so try to go back to the microsoft IDE drivers included in the operating system.

That’s correct :wink:

i have nvidia chipset on board and dang things are horrible …switch back to MS drivers …stupid things caused problems with sd 2.9 games …insert cd …with originals …til I switch back to MS all fine …

my 52maxx did the same thing,ive been burning since forever and couldnt figure it out,im also using an nforce2(8rda) chipset,but the nvidia drivers are a toss up,ive heard of too many problems,but then again everybody posted all kinds of problems with the pioneer 106,and mine works great,to be on the safe side i would stick to the microsoft drivers,make sure dma is enabled,turn off the imapi cd burning service if your using xp.