Memorex 48Maxx 1248AJ to Liteon firmware - anyone try it?

I’ve been considering changing the firmware for this Memorex 48Maxx, to the latest version of Liteon 48x firmware (VS06). The Memorex firmware that shipped with the drive is VWS4 according to Nero InfoTool. Has anyone done it here? I’m sure it can be done. . . I’m wondering what, if any, benefits there might be. It would be nice to have the drive ID as a Liteon, as there seems to be more burning programs that recognize Liteon drives, although most of my programs do work okay with the drive as a Memorex.
I’d like to hear your personal experiences if you’ve done the above firmware change.


I just picked up a Memorex 48x24x48. Nero reports a firmware of SWS3 - a lot different than yours (?!)

I assume this is the Lite-On LTR-48246S. How do we identify the true manufacturer and chipset?

Well mine is a 48x12x48x. The radical difference in the firmware version is most likely because yours can rewrite at 24x. I’m positive that mine is a rebadged LiteOn. I picked up mine at Best Buy for $74.95 with 2 separate mail-in rebates making the final cost $44.95. Still hoping to hear from someone who flashed theirs. What say someone?