Memorex 48/24/48 overclocked to 52/24/52 - Save a few secs

I just posted the article Memorex 48/24/48 overclocked to 52/24/52 - Save a few secs.

Spazmogen used our newssubmit to tell us that several people of our Lite-On Forum have already succeeded to overclock a Memorex (Lite-On internals) 48/24/48 to a 52/24/52. Lite-On seems to have…

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Tellin ya’ll… gotta bring back the Zen Technology. Otherwise we’ll be stuck here for years at 52x … maybe some 56x that dont work too well… I want to burn an entire disc in under 45 seconds… To hell with a few minutes. I want it now. NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!

They can bring back Zen technolgy as long as it isn’t as problem ridden as the Kenwood drives.

My 12x writer takes about 6 and a half minutes to do a CD and I like to sit back and relax while a CD is being made.

RIGHT ON spacegrass :slight_smile: