Memorex 32MAXX to Lite-On how?

I am using “RecordNow Max” for burning DVD-R with a Pioneer DVR-A04 but my Memorex 32MAXX will not be recognized as a cd-rw drive in this program. I checked their compability list and the currently suppored model is the 24MAXX burner.

I heard the Memorex 32MAXX IS actually a Lite-On and all Lite-Ons are supported in the program.

So my big question; CAN I upgrade my Memorex 32MAXX to a Lite-On 32X and if so, HOW do I do it?


How you do it depends on which Lite-On 32x burner the Memorex 32MAXX is based on. There were 2 versions; LTR-32123S with a Mediatek 3-based chipset, and a LTR-32125W with a Mediatek 5-based chipset. I couldn’t tell you off hand which one your drive has. You might find some answers in this thread

Or you can leave things as they are and just use a different burning software with the Memorex 32MAXX.

Thanks Prowler.

I got things working now though. I updated the RecordNow Max software to 4.10 and the firmware for my Memorex and now it works with the program.

Good deal Drem :slight_smile: Did you ever find out what type of Lite-On drive the 32MAXX is, or did you use a newer firmware from Memorex? Just curious, as I’d like to add it to my notes for future reference.

I updated to the Memorex XWS4 (I think it was :slight_smile: ) firmware and also RecordNow Max to 4.10 so I don’t know if it was the firmware or the program update that did the trick, but now it works and I am a happy puppy :smiley: Didn’t find out which Lite-On the 32MAXX is though, sorry.