Memorex 32MAXX says 24X max in Nero

I bought this new Memorex 32X burner today and I’ m very happy with it. However, there is one small problem. Nero keeps messing with the maximum readspeed. I installed Nero and it turned up ok under “Choose Recorder” as “Memorex 32MAXX 1240AJ” (32X maxspeed) and I made some successful burnings but then all of a sudden when I opened the program a bit later, it says maximum readspeed 24X in that same menu :frowning:

Other burnprograms like Easy CD Creator 5 shows the right speed and all, but I really need the SVCD function in Nero right now. Right updated to Nero but it still says 24X maxspeed.

Can I fix this problem somehow?

These are the specs if needed:
Athlon Tbird 1200 socket-A
Abit KT7A-R latest bios
512Mb PC133
Memorex 32MAXX 1240AJ (Master on IDE-1)
(All other HDDs on Abit KT7A-R Highpoint ATA100 controller)

Installed Nero plugins:

thanks for any help

You could try to uninstall your hardware (CDRW drive) and also your software (Nero in this case) the reboot and let windows find your CDRW once again. Then install Nero and it will find the drive as well. Hope that will solve your prob.

You use proper ASPI drivers?

Did you change writing media?
Make sure to use 32x certified media, maybe the mediacheck set your discs to 24x.

But it seems strange that other progs display the correct speed… :confused: