Memorex 25GB BD-R (or BD-RE) 15 piece spindle?

Has anyone had this product yet? It seems it’s out of stock everywhere. Looks like a good price though. Close to $5 per disc. Part number 32020013366.

$5 per disc is very cheap. Where did you find it? Link please.

I wouldn’t mind at all for that price. If you can get Made in Japan it would be excellent.

yes link please.

At that price no wonder it is out of stock.

Linky please.

OK ppl you wanted links

As you can see it’s currently out of stock everywhere. Prices vary.

Today I got an auto notification from nulime saying that this product is discontinued. :frowning:

In Memorex website, the MSRP is $99.99 so it is about $6.6 per disc.

[QUOTE=zevia;2094449]In Memorex website, the MSRP is $99.99 so it is about $6.6 per disc.[/QUOTE]

We can do way better than that:

I know this thread is old but maybe it will get bumped or someone will read it and have an answer :slight_smile:

Is this media any good? or is it junk and should be ignored? has the 15 pack for $83.91 with shipping. That comes out to $5.60 per disk.

LG GGW-H20L (firmware YL05)

Frys 59.99 for the spindle. I have bought 2 of them. They are ok and in stock as of today. I am going to order another one. They also had the Paasonic printable 25G for 29.99 a 5 pack. Picked one of those up in the store today.

Thanks for the reply and a better deal at Fry’s.

Have you had any bad burns? I’ve been using Verbatim’s and I haven’t had a bad burn yet but they cost $12.99 per disk.

So Far only one bad burn but I am not sure the burn eas the problem. Could have been during the encoding

hm, yeah could have been. I always burn on a RW before my final burn to make sure it plays fine. But at that price I would expect a bad burn sometime, just not all the time. Maybe 1 out of 50 burns would be fine with me.