Memorex 25gb BD-R 15pk at Fry's $19.99



As the title says, Memorex BD-R’s in 15pk and 25gb size for $19.99 after instant (no mail in rebate) $20 off.

They say it’s one day only but if this is true, this might be the motive to make me jump onto the BluRay wagon.
Now I only need a burner if I can find one :slight_smile:

What you guys think, are these discs reliable?



If they are like other Memorex media = probably not-eh


They should be Ritek BR2, so far I have burned about 40+ of these with no problems.

Personally at that price I would buy up quite a few.


One year ago these same discs were $39.99. It’s kind of scary that even DL media isn’t usually this cheap.