Memorex 24max 1040 to lite on?


It is possible to make my Memorex cdrw drive to a lite on one? I saw on the internet that my cdrw have the same hardware of the lite on. It is possible to OC my Memorex24x to a 32x (lite on)


It depends on if your Memorex is a LTR-24103S or a LTR-24102B.
What does it say on the label on top of the drive?

For info on how to flash, lookhere

There are two stick on my CD-RW:

One with: S/N:A0AJ041108665
Manufacture Date Oct.2001

and another one with:

Memorex CD-RW Drive
Model TwentyfourMaxx 1040

on the middle down: 7819500550-A CM-1 S

I didn´t see anymore than this

Upgrade not possible. It’s a LTR-24102B.

Up grade not possible:( . The Overclock or change my Memorex to a Lite On?

Memorex to Lite-On is no problem, done it myself.

Overclocking to get faster speeds = not possible.

Which program should I use and which Firmware


Are you shure that are any risk?

Take a look there. You’ll also find a link to my firmwares there…

There is always a risk doing it and it definitively woids your warranty!

OC-Freak, how do you know that my CD-RW is a Lite-On LTR-24102B and not another one Lite-On, like LTR-24102M or something like that. Just curiosity


Maybe because I’ve converted several memorex drives into LTR-24102B’s :stuck_out_tongue:

The LTR-24102M is a OEM Lite-On sold in dell computers.

lolololol. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Good answer