Memorex 20x MRX-530L: how to reset DMA?



[qanda]This thread is about the Memorex 20x MRX-530L v1 Internal. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]installed a solid state drive (patriot warp 32g) for my os drive. computer runs great except dvd decrypting (dvd fab and burning (nero essentials) has went from 20 mins. to almost 2 hrs. we tried turning DMA/UDMA on using nero and tuneup utills. it seems to of not worked but i am not positive. would anyone know how to fix this or no what the problem is. thanks mike.


DVDfab in common settings general go to the bottom and click reset DMA


Here is our guide for checking DMA:

The important part to look for is Current Transfer Status, which should be Ultra DMA 2 or 4…don’t know which for your particular drive.

Edit: Ah, and GJ is correct, there is a tool for resetting dma in DVDFab.