Memorex 2.4x DVD+R DL vs. Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL

Memorex = 15pack @$29.99
Verbatim = 10pack @$34.99

I realize that DL discs are still not the greatest and certainly not up to parr with lets say for example my FujiFilm TY MIJ discs, but I do require some larger capacity lately an dmust chose a brand to try.

From some of the reading I have done so far, Verbatim has been chosen over others but mostly for compatibility reasons with Burners. PI/PIF scans are not that bad for either of these brands and they appear to come toe to toe to me in scan quality (from what I seen so far anyway).
Currently, my NEC3500 is a very capable and highly valued burner and can more than likely support each of these very well.

So my decision… and I am looking for an answer based purley on quality and quality vs bang for buck, so… which of these two brands should I buy, I am undecided???

TIA for any/all suggestions!!!

Forget the Memorex DL, choose Verbatim!

If your confident your drive can burn memorex DL (Ritek D01), then go to newegg, and get the 25 pack for $40.

Currently verbatim DL 10pk is on sale for $20, look in the bargin basement.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Consider the cost of one or 2 bad discs in a spindle of 15 Ritek, and re-calulate the comparison with Verbatim. This assumes you get a decent spindle to start with. My LG can barely coax a decent burn out of a Ritek DL, but it still has playback issues in players that will play anything else perfectly. The Verbatim is on sale almost weekly at one store or another.

ummm, so memorex is currently at R01 so whats Verbatim using? Some dye called MKM?

How about FujiFilm DL?

They look head to head as well.

Looks like Verbatim it is as of now. the 10pack for $20 + s&h is prob sam edeal i found at BestBuy which I posted just before.

BTW, thanks for the input thus far, keep it coming.

I would rather take a swift kick in the nut sack, then to even bring another Ritek disk in this house.

I like many others have learned the hard way about the quality of Ritek, Ridata, Ri anthing. Its not worth the time or money!!!

Be safe and go with the Verbatim, in my experience, its the only way to go.

The Fuji that I have seen has been Ricoh. Not as bad as Ritek, but few burners really support it well. My LG likes it, NEC less so but acceptable. It does seem to be much more consistant than the Ritek.

I saw on VideoHelp that someone spotted a Fuji DL disc that was a RITEK D01… I think those are off the safe buy list.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Looks like Verbatim it definitely is, and I just picked up a 10pack to mess with from BestBuy.

I wonder why they write double layer instead of dual layer though. They prob don’t know the difference themselves. On their website they write both, I guess to appeal to more customers.

Double-Layer stands for +R DL media, Dual Layer for -R DL media.

Yep, I don’t understand why they keep listing it as both on the website, although they were properly labeled in-store. Oh well…

Verbatim sells both -rDL and +rDL

Just curious if anyone has tried the -R DL, and what kind of results they have. I have seen them for sale on a few sites, but not too much talk about them at all.

The compatability with stand alone players is APPALLING!

Their quality is as good as for +R DL media, however they cannot be bitset to DVD-ROM.
That makes them only useful for newer standalones and data content.

Hi all:

MKM stands for Mitsubishi Chemicals.
Early Fujifilm DLs were RicohJPN, but overall quality is not the same as Mitsubishi / Verbatim. Rumor is these dyes are Ricoh, but the manufacturer is still Ritek :frowning:

With Verbatims going for $2 per disc, it should really be a no-brainer.

Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd.

edit :doh:

I concur. Especially if you live in the US where the 10 for $20 sales are getting to be almost weekly at some major store chain. No sense taking a gamble when the confirmed best quality D/L discs are running for $2 a disc.