Memorex 2.4X DVD+R DL disc quality?

I have scanned through the forums and have not found much info on this media (memorex DL). I know it is Ritek made and is not as good as verbatim but has anyone had good success with this media? I have a NEC-3500A and was wondering if anyone else has successfully burned this media on this model, or any other models for that matter. Any info would be appreciated.

Verbatim is the only reliable DL media around today, everything else is a gamble

I prefer Verbatim too, but I did buy a 25-pack of these a couple months ago for $100 at CompUSA. I’ve burned about 20 of them and have had no problems with them at all.

One of my players (a Philips 642) occasionally rejects Ritek DL media. I don’t think it’s ever rejected a Memorex, but I’m not sure. These Memorex, and other Ritek DL disks, play perfectly in my other 2 DVD players, my portable DVD player, and of course, the computer.

I still prefer the Verbatim DL media. In addition to having no compatibility issues (for me), Verbatims burn at 4x (as opposed to 2.4x) in my Pioneer 108. But if the price is good, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these. Good luck.

I concur. The results on Memorex (Ritek) D/L media is so mixed that IMHO it isn’t even worth the bother. Keep an eye out for sales on the Verbatim 2.4x D/L DVD+R discs. You can get them for about the same price as the Memorex if you play your cards right. :wink: