Memorex 18x at Staples?

Anybody know who makes the 49.95 Memorex drive at Staples? Picture on the box doesn’t look like anything I am familar with. With Liteon, LG, NEC, Samsung and everbody else making 18x drives it’s hard to tell.

I don’t know, but the front bezel has a very LGish look about it. It looks very similar to my GSA-H22N.

The LG GSA-H22N has 12x DVD-RAM and 32x CD-RW, while the Memorex has no DVD-RAM and 24x CD-RW. Of course it’s entirely possible that you could crossflash from one to the other; I’m just not gonna be the first to try it.

It is a rebadged LG GSA-H22N.

Yes both the Internal and External are LG GSA-H22N based drives.

Thanks for the info, I already have a GSA-H22L so I guess I don’t need the Memorex.

If it says memorex I never buy since they are just a name only anymore and you never know what you get.

I would not waste my time and money on Memorex not worth it.

Not to sound like a broken record, Verbatim Verbatim Verbatim.

You know the risks with Memorex.

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Ahh, but when did Verbatim start making dvd burners? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really bad if you can crossflash to LG Firmware. ( I don’t even know what firmware it comes with but I am assuming its an LG firmware made for Memorex.

Yep, Sleeping again. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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