Memorex 16x+r (phhilips) media code

i just bought a 5 pack to test

here is the thing tho, my digitalmax (liteon1633s) says max write speed in nero at 8x

how ever, my emperex 16x BTC1016m will burn at 16 x

full disc in 5 mins 58 seconds

here is the kprobe

question is, firmware upgrade will allow my liteon to burn at 16x ???

also i know its a bad scan, but that is to be expected as its a btc

they probably won’t burn any better in your liteon…

here is 8x mosier baer in 2 nec 2500’s a nec 3500 and a 1633s guess which one is the only one that burns stunningly bad?

the lite has 40 times more pi peak failures than the worst spot on any of the other 3 and a HUGE amount more in total (100, 200, and 2300 VS 2086006)

liteon burns them at 12x, not as bad or many pi/pif errors, not the media i will buy for 16x, anyone suggest good qulity 16x media?