Memorex 16X media and Lite-On 532S



New to the forum and have a question. Memorex 16X DVD-R and my Liteon 532s are not playing nice. :a I have updated the firmware to VSOM and fire-up Nero to record and after about 2 mins I get an error stating illegal media. Any clues or suggestions on how to address the issue? Or do I have to buy a new DVD burner?


Hi and Welcome!

unfortunately, older drives don’t support newer high-speed rated media. Some drive burn them poorly, some don’t support them at all.
Unless you can get some lower speed media (old stock mostly), you should indeed consider buying a new drive.



And before someone chimes in with ‘Memorex is crap’, please don’t. No Memorex isn’t the best media but a drive this old will have problems with most 16x media, the issue is definitely a lack of proper support and it is time to look into a new burner.


After playing with different versions of firmware and turning off daemon tools, it seems that my 532S is working. One correction to make it’s really an Liteon 832S that after some firmware updates was formerly a HP DVD Writer 530R. Biggest culprit was I suspect the Daemon tools. I used SmartBurn and it only recognized the blank media after daemon tools was turned off. A brain fart on my part. Thanks all