Memorex 16x dvd-r's not burning w/ clonedvd

hey there, first time posting. looks like a lot of knowledgeable ppl round here. hopefully someone can help.

i recently got a 100 spindle of memorex 16x dvd-r’s off ebay. popped on into clonedvd on my normal settings, goes through the process, eject, popped it into my oppo… nothing. looked at the disc, nothing was burned. odd.

take it back up, play it on the PC i burn with and my G4, nothing. try to reuse the disc to see if it’s still good. clonedvd rejects the dvd as already having info on it. ok. try whole process again, different speed. and again, and again… nothing.

so, i have a pack of the exact same memorex 16x discs from a 25 pack. pop that in, go through my normal process, burns fine. try a couple other brands i have all 16x, all burn fine. try again from the 100 spindle of memorex… nothing.

at first i thought that these were bum discs. i contacted the person on ebay for a refund, which they are happy to do. BUT they mentioned that they bought the 100 spindles from Staples. Ah, this has happened before to me from a hundred pack i picked up at Staples a couple years ago. And I returned them and made a mental note never to buy 100 spindles from Staples.

With this information I went looking around the net to see if anyone else has had this problem. Then I did some more investigating and updated my BenQ 1620 drive and this process where I updated my standard drive through some directions I found elsewhere. When I did this, first disc using the 100 mem spindle discs burned! then on the next burn, nothing. and still nothing.

i’m not at home, so i don’t know all my specfics. my PC is solely for burning backups. I know it’s running XP, has a BenQ 1620 and I’m using Clonedvd 2.7.?.1 I think. Like I said, my process works fine, except for these staples memorex 100 packs. the memorex 25 packs i’ve gotten from staples have always worked for me no problem. the only difference i can see on the 100 spindles vs. the same memorex’s in lower quantity is that the 100’s are missing numbered codes stamped around the ring. any thoughts?

could you supply us with the MID’s from both sets of Memorex you have…I’ll bet they are different.

By the way, to find the MID codes (manufacturer id code) run a free utility called Nero DiscSpeed and look on the Disc Info tab.

the MID is MBI 01RG40.

I looked in the B7W9 firmware for the 1620 and it does have support for these disks. Which firmware version are you using? When you open Nero DiscSpeed it will show the name of the burner and the firmware version will be on the same line.

Can you burn any other types of dvds now? If you can get some, I’d suggest some Verbatim 16x, as they are good quality and fairly consistent.

I have a 1620, mostly retired now, and their worst fault was sudden death syndrome. They weren’t the most durable drives ever made. You need to check the drive by testing other media, and see if it will even read a dvd now.

i did upgrade to B7W9 firmware a week ago when i first was trying to diagnose the problem.

drive is good. it’s burning TDK 16x -Rs, Memorex 16X from a 25 pack and another type I have around that i forget what they are.

I have two 100 spindles of these Memorex 16X -Rs so… i’d like to figure it out so i can use them. I reinstalled clonedvd last night. Didn’t have time to check the dvd I burnt before falling asleep. Gonna check when i get home.

the reinstall of clonedvd post upgrading the firmware on the drive did work. i don’t know what the problem was, but the discs in question are now burning properly. thanks for the help.