Memorex 16x DVD+R's at FutureShop ($45 CAD for 100)



The ones I got come up as RICHOJPNR03, seemed to burn fine on my now firmware patched NEC6100 burner. They wouldn’t burn at all until I patched the firmware, but now I’ve got -R as well as +R! If you need any more information on them, let me know.



finally memorex is using them again

to bad i live in the usa


The 50 spindle Memorex 16X DVD+R in FutureShop is also RICOHJPNR03 and they are only CAD19.99. The 16X DVD-R is CMC MAG AM3. Both work fine with the BenQ1640.


Yeah, I thought I checked out all the prices while I was there, but apparently not. :slight_smile: Ah, well, it’s too far away to walk back for $5. Plus I already burned one to test it.



cneufeld, did yours have 3 foam spacers at the top?


I got the RicohJPNR03, they are terrible. I wouldn’t get this crap again. And I made the mistake of getting 100 instead of the 50-pk :frowning:
MIT = teh sux


what are you talking about? everyone else says its great


I don’t know who the “everyone else” is that you are talking about, but this is mediocre media at best. The only great media is Taiyo Yuden, and Verbatim MCC media.



Have to agree with Rob 100% on this one-

Memorex has always been a crap shoot at best-



Best Buy has Memorex 16X +R media for $17.99 for the 50 pk. this week. I bought some not knowing what I was getting and found them to be Verbatim MCC disks. Naturally I got greedy and went back for more and that batch was the RICHOJPN. Big difference in the two. The Verbatim burned great :bigsmile: but the Richo not so well :a .



Best example of the “crap shoot” I mentioned-



sure, show us a good scan of this media then… try burning at 8x at least.


yep riggits is correct the best these will burn is @ 8x
the old 8x ricoh 02 were more reliable than these @ 12x

scans here ->


Of course there are probably some bad batches or bad disks in the spindle just like TY and Verbatim. I would say RICOHJPNR03 is a very good media.

Here are some good burns on RICOHJPNR03. Open your eyes.