Memorex 16X DVD+R's 25 Spindle $9.99 @ Circuit City

Was just there at lunch and picked up a spindle. The cardboard display showed them @ $19.99, but the shelf display had them on sale for $9.99. When I looked in the flyer, it said the 8x speed were the ones on sale, but when the sale’s clerk looked up the 16x, he said they were on sale, for $9.99 too.

Seems the Circuit Cities around me never have much media in stock. :frowning: If anyone in the Los Angeles area knows of one with stock, add a reply. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I was discouraged to buy these as all my recent memorex 8x +r have been ritek r03 rev 2 which are pure garbage. I would love to try some 16x.

What MID are they?

Impossible to tell with Memorex. Just from observing some posts people have made here you could get: Prodisc R04, CMC MAG M01, or MCC 004. I’m sure there’s more you could add to the mix, it’s a 16 DVD+R gamble!

The ones I got are the Prodisc R04’s

FWIW: I just picked up some MCC-004.

Anyone with Verbatim 16x MCC 004’s care to compare those with the Memorex MCC 004’s?

well here you go, the first are the memorex(prodisks)2nd of corse are the verbatums.
both toped out between 12 & 13x.would’nt seem to go any faster but for the qscans i got im not complaining!!verbatums seem to be alittle better in my drive but all in all not a bad disk in the batch…

Mine are Prodisc R04. Burned at 16x on my NEC 3500a. Topped out at 15.5x completed burn in 6:05. Transfer test was perfect. Used newest Liggy/Dee FW which uses stcok strat anyway.