Memorex 16X DVD-R?

I bought a 50 pack of memorex 16x dvd-r’s and they worked great in my nec burner, but didn’t work in my asus. The next 50 pack of the same media was the opposite, worked in asus but not in nec. the only difference i can see is that the # printed in the center was different between the two packs. The first pack # is cmdr47g-ctmwm01-017 0202, # on second pack is dr5f60-00286. What would the difference be in the two disks? :smiley:

Memorex doesn’t actually make media, it’s just the ‘brand’. Who actually manufactures the media for them is told from the ‘media code’ of the discs.

Read here from the Media FAQ on this site for more specifics, or download Nero CD-DVD Speed to check the media code.

From the serial codes you listed, the first is CMC I believe, the second could be Philips?, not sure. In other words, even though they are both ‘Memorex’, they are entirely different discs made by different manufacturers. Keep your firmware for your drives updated and it will improve your chances for success with any given media. NEC has great hacked firmware development, I’d suggest reading the NEC forums for specific firmware versions to use with your burner. Once you know what your media actually is and update your firmware, you can do some research in the media forum here and burner forums here to see what combinations work well. And you can also look up your media here.

Either way, I recommend ditching Memorex. You certainly can do better for the money these days.

Memorex 16x -R is either CMC MAG. AM3 or RITEKF1. You probably got one of each.