Memorex 16x dvd-r mislabeled?

hi - i have a couple of questions.
I bought some blank dvd-r disks labeled as memorex 16x, along with an lg gsa-h22l dvd writer. I found that in nero (express) I only have the option to burn at 4x. according to the disk info in cd-dvd speed these are ritekf1 4x dvd-r disks. So is this just a labeling error, or what? should I return the disks?

second question: I want to order some blank cds from along with some tyvek cd sleeves, since the shipping will apparently be 15$ either way. would the cds listed as ‘cdty02’ be the TYG02 considered ‘first class media’?
has anyone ordered from this company?

thanks for your time

Hi [B]tetroid[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

The RITEKF1 discs are in fact 16x rated discs, but the firmware in your LG drive doesn’t recognize this media code, and that’s why it only lets you select a default 4x burning speed.

There might be support for RITEKF1 in a newer firmware for your LG GSA-22L, but I’m not that familiar with your drive so I can’t say for sure.

If you have another 16x DVD burner, it’s possible that your media is supported at up to 16x in that drive. Although 16x may not give you the best burns.

thanks for the info

Just to add, the discs aren’t mislabelled, Memorex have just chosen Ritek to manufacture those particular discs, before they slap the Memorex brand on them :slight_smile:

Hello. I also have the same problem as the OP. Is there anyway at all to be able to write @ 16x with my Pioneer 108? I have updated to the latest firmware I could find (1.20) and still no luck. It reverts to the standard 4x write speeds.

Here is a pic of my drive/disc info:

Any help will be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If that’s definitely the latest firmware, you’re stuck with 4x I’m afraid…

Aside from that, RITEK F1 isn’t the best media. :wink:

RITEKF1 may not be the best media, but then again it’s stable so far, but Memorex hardly relabels Grade-A media anyway :disagree:

I’d buy a new writer as the 108 is very old now :slight_smile:

buy a new burner OR buy 16X Verbatim media (my 108 @1.20 gives me the option tu burn at 4X, 8X, 12X, and 16X), either +R or -R

Yeah I’m thinking I’m gonna buy a current burner so I don’t have to waste the 100 pack of dvd-r’s I already bought. Thanks for the comments/advice everyone.